Nagoya from my camera

Living in Japan’s third biggest city is challenging yet interesting. I have to wake up early and get ready for my commute by bus or subway and come home late at night. The commute itself takes 1.5 hours daily.  I always enjoy getting to know new stuffs and places and my camera will be at play. This time all pictures were taken with iPhone 6S.                  

Multiple torii gates to a shrine near my apartment at Sonoyama-cho


A stone sculpture near Higashiyama Park, only 15 minutes walk from my apartment


A fancy neighborhood between Higashiyama and Motoyama


Higashiyama Sky Tower with observation decks to enjoy the unobstructed view of Nagoya, only 15 minutes walk from my apartment


Nagoya Terebi Tower, an unmistakable landmark in downtown Sakae


Francfranc, a Japanese interior store, always have things to beautify your room and your life


A crossroad near Matsuzakaya Dept. Store


A subway shot


Nagoya JR Takashimaya Dept. Store at Nagoya Station


Me on the way to my daily commute


Sunshine Sakae, cannot miss the ferris wheel while in Sakae


An old man and a shrine, the same shrine with the multiple torii gates in previous picture


Tsurumai Park, five minutes walk from Nagoya University Hospital


This yellow corvette screams “Look at me!”


Nagoya Mosque at Honjin Dori


Lachic, just another dept. store in Sakae for your shopping spree



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