In search for a better life

Everybody wants a better life, except for those contented enough with their circumstances. I have been married for almost 10 years and been living with my in-law for that period, minus 4 years I spent studying in Shimotsuke, Japan. Despite the fact that my husband is a dedicated son and therefore is more than happy to accompany his mother, I found this resulted in many limitations in my daily life.                                                          Imagine living in a house with restricted areas, a place where you could not accept your family and friends freely, a place where you don’t even have the keys to enter. I don’t have to mention how many occasions I was locked out because no one was home. A place where you could not express yourself in terms of domestic creativity. I’ve been longing to live a separate life which I believe would do good to my mental and physical well-being.                      Opportunities come in many forms, if only we are vigilant enough to look for it. As for me, I applied to many places for a postdoctoral training opportunity. It is basically working in a research team, being responsible for your own research project, and in the end receiving some salary. Salary may come from the university or department that accept you, or you could find a third party for a limited funding period. My case is the last one. I tried my luck with some universities or research bodies in the US, France, and Japan.  Besides, I also applied for funding and fortunately awarded a one year fellowship for doing research in Nagoya University.                            I saw this as a way for a better life. Perhaps living another year in Japan may lead to more varied opportunities. Perhaps my additional research experience in Nagoya would do good to my career. There is nothing wrong leaving a constricted life into freedom, or at least that was what I thought before. Fate has a funny way to crash your hope, as I will tell you in my next writing.                                                           

A door to the lab where I should spend a whole year within 💪


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