After almost two years of hiatus

Well, it’s way beyond 2014 now and I’m back in Japan! This country really has a strong pull on me. My last post on my new year resolutions for 2014 was a goodbye to a student’s life in Japan. Some of my resolutions came true. I have got my Ph.D on March 2014, we’ve got back to Indonesia and my husband got a car for us. I have visited my parents and it was more than a week, a month I think. Unfortunately, my dear father passed away in July 2014 after a few days in hospital for his stroke.                                                                           I did not pass the elimination process to get Chevening Scholarship to UK, but it eased my pain to know that I was accepted for a master course in epidemiology at Imperial College London. This course is one of the best in the world. I have published a paper in an international journal, that was half of the resolution. I faced serious technical challenge for my second paper, but I’m not giving up yet. I have not written or start to select the pictures for our photo-book project yet, never knew that resuming my responsibility as a lecturer would be so demanding. I just have to put some personal projects aside.                             Despite the setback in achieving my resolutions in 2014, I do have some fortunate events in 2015. I have been offered a job as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health of Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine..back to Japan, yay! I have also appointed myself as the head of Environmental Toxicology  Division at my home university, where I will manage my non-existent underlings. Yes, it’s a one person division😂.                                             To tell the truth, I have a rough time adjusting back to Indonesian life-and working-style. The cross-culture shock was inevitable. Apart from my not so productive transition time in my home university, I found it really helpful to mingle with and inspire my overly eager students. I reckoned that changing from internally-focused mode to externally- oriented mode is an effective way to overcome my work-related depression.     From April 2014 to April 2015 I suffered a real hit in my financial well-being. It took the education ministry people a long time to process the last remittance of my long overdue scholarship, took them half a year to finally pay me my profession allowance (yes, we have such allowance). The fact that I have to eat out everyday did not help me money wisely, since living with the in-law is  a delicate skill I have yet to master😅 But, now I’m in Japan and I have stories to tell about living alone in Nagoya, living apart from my husband, living apart from my dear family (this has been going on for as long as I can remember, though). Most importantly, I want to write so I won’t forget how rough and how joyful my life could be, so my wonderful nieces and nephews could someday get to know their always-away-aunty and might learn a thing or two from my adventure called life.

Yes, you are in Nagoya!

Yes, you are in Nagoya!


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