Resolutions for 2014


I never made any resolution list before, I just made mental note on things I wanted to achieve in my life. This year I want to do it differently, from a mental note down to a blog-post.

1. Get a PhD degree in environmental epidemiology.

2. Start a master study in Public Health/Epidemiology in UK.

3. Publish two papers on  international journals.

4. Visit my parents for a week.

5. Have a reunion with my high school classmates.

6. Co-write a photo book of my experience living in Japan (with my sweetheart).

7. Travel around Europe.

8. Do research on an environmental health problem in Indonesia.

9. Buy a car (unless an extraordinary transformation takes place in public transportation in Padang).

10. Start my weekly swimming routine again (with my sweetheart).

11. Have a nice oven and learn a lot of baked-food recipes (for my sweetheart).

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