Because I can make it to Bon Jovi Show

I have been a fan of Bon Jovi since my teenage years where there was no internet and only magazines and posters of rock bands being sold. One day my mom, who did not live with me and came for her monthly visit, was shocked to find that the walls of my bedroom were full of hairy rock band posters, including Bon Jovi. None of my siblings did this to their walls. I refused to take them off and soon I was the ultimate rebel of the house. Growing up was never easy for me and, perhaps, that was why somehow I found my refuge in listening to a lot of rock bands. I felt like I could relate to their songs. So, being able to attend Bon Jovi’s live show was like a dream came true to me. I got the ticket for BEcause We Can Tour three months before the show but still left with not so good seat, but the hell with it, others got crappier seats than me.

These are several points of the show on Dec 4, 2013 that I won’t forget:

1. The show was opened with my favorite song from Bon Jovi’s new album (What About Now) That’s What The Water Made, woohoo..I was thrilled!

2. Jon was as handsome as always and he was such a great, enthusiast, perfectionist performer, you could feel his energy filled the entire Tokyo Dome.

3. There was no Richie Sambora, but Phil X was such an excellent substitute (Jon said ‘Come on Phil, it’s your coming out party today!’..hmm, did that mean that Richie would leave the band for good?)

4. The Japanese folks stand on their feet but hesitantly move, afraid to disturb people next to them. Most of them could not understand the songs but enjoyed them anyway.

5. A girl a few seats to my right keep screaming ‘I love you!’ when noise died down during an intro *certainly she was not a Japanese 😉

6. It was the 100th show of Bon Jovi in Japan *OMG, they come that often to Japan??

7. Jon thanked the folks for their support *been around for 30 years and still going* and he was so touched by the applause, the relentless folks swinging their hands above their heads with their mobile on (they looks like million of stars, he said). At the end of the show he shed his tears, yes his tears, before disappearing down the stage.





2 thoughts on “Because I can make it to Bon Jovi Show

  1. Hello. I am so sorry for not returning comments immediately. I have been busy with the university that I think will go through until February (my graduation).

    WOW!!!! Congrats on that! Bon Jovi is a legend, although I’m not a fan. I have been belting out On a Bed of Roses (???) on the Karaoke every single time!

  2. No worries, I cannot promise to keep up with the blog-writing, commenting, and liking too lately. I am in the middle of preparation for thesis defense and will graduate next April.
    Hey Chester, I wish you luck with your study !

    Unfortunately, there was no Bed of Roses in the show, most were those energetic hits like Living on Prayer, Bad Medicine, and some others from their new album. I know that the young people today are not so familiar with BJ though LOL. Generation matters 🙂

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