Fukiware no taki and a bit of autumn in Nikko

It was a year ago when I tagged along with my husband who went for a conference in the neighboring prefecture, Gunma. The wife of my husband’s professor did the same (we are those sweet and loving wives no husband could ever go whereabout without, hoho!). On our way back from Gunma to Tochigi we took a road that winding through the Konsei Pass and Oku Nikko for a quick autumn colors viewing. Ryuzu falls in nice colors was the highlight of the day.

But, before that, we stopped in an area famous for its waterfalls, the Fukiware no taki (still in Gunma). The falls, fed by Tonegawa river,  is sometimes called the Niagara of Japan due to its large volume of water and a big crevasse where the water pours down into. When we got there it was quite late in the afternoon and not so much daylight available, but still quite many local tourists swarmed the sight. Here’s some shots from a year back. All pictures were taken and/or post-processed by my husband, Mohamad Reza.

Fukiware1 DSC04848-Edit DSC04852a-Edit DSC04871-Edit DSC04885-Edit DSC04887-Edit DSC04894-Edit Ryuzufalls


2 thoughts on “Fukiware no taki and a bit of autumn in Nikko

  1. Awww, the pictures of you and your husband are so sweet! And your hubbie did such a great job taking the pictures, that last one with the waterfall is just gorgeous!

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