Finding Tottori (Part 3)

Uradome Coast is a perfect summer getaway with its combination of secluded beach protected by rocky pillars, transparent cool water, greenery at the background, and relatively limited visitors. You may think that you are vacationing somewhere in a tropical paradise, except there’s no palm trees.

It was around 10am when I decided to leave for Amedaki falls.  It took about an hour by bus from Tottori station to reach a path leading to the falls, the last destination on the bus route. I noticed that I was the only passenger half the way to Amedaki. Getting off the bus, I continued by hiking up an asphalt road for forty minutes, not seeing anyone else walking just cars rushing by, before finally saw a wooden signpost of Amedaki falls. A parking lot and a small resting hut selling pear sorbet was on the left side of the road. A few minutes more walking down some stone stairs and a wooden bridge, a small cascade greeted me.


Walking further up on the soil path, there the falls. There was nothing special about Amedaki falls. It did not have gigantic volume, nor a mouth-gasping height. Just a humble falls you might see anywhere else. I felt an anticlimax of my journey.


But on a second thought, the journey has changed me. I learned to trust others during the journey, I learned to trust myself and, most importantly, the power of my determination.



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