Finding Tottori (Part 2)

Headed back from the sand dune to the parking lot, I got a text from my mom in Indonesia. Here I am, I thought, alone in a beautiful small-scale desert, yet feels like she is here with me. Thanks for the timely message mom, have a blessed Ramadhan, I told her. Upon reaching the parking lot, my sneakers were already full of sands. Beware folks, if you mind banging your shoes to clean them up like me, bring your flip-flops.

It took about fifteen minutes ride by taxi to Uradome kaigan (Uradome coast) in Iwami. A boat tour is recommended to enjoy the  rock formation around the coast. The water seemed so pristine and crystal clear, triggering my fellow boat riders to scream “I want to swim!”. Indeed, unable to swim will be your greatest regret in a place like this.




There were several caves which the boat actually entered and stopped within.Uradome5




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