Finding Tottori (Part 1)


July 13, 2013

We had a long weekend in Japan. I was thinking about escaping to somewhere remote, a tranquil place. Then Tottori came sneaking to my mind. It is the least populated prefecture in Japan with only around 600,000 inhabitants. The prefecture is facing the Japan Sea and famous for its sand dune, something you would not expect to find in Japan.

Having made up my mind, I took an overnight bus from Tokyo which turned out to be very spacious and comfortable. The next morning around 6 am we arrived in Tottori. Since the loop bus from the terminal to the sand dune had not started yet, I took a taxi. I was hoping to shoot some pictures of the wind patterns on the sand before they disappear, being trampled over by the crowds. I must admit that this was not a unique and genuine idea. When I got there, the crowds had trampled the sand to unrecognizable pattern, except for some parts.

Nevertheless, the view was breathtaking. There is a big dune where we can climb over, at the highest point it suddenly becomes very steep and ends at the mercy of the wave of the Japan Sea. That day the sea was emerald green with gentle breeze splashing the wave back to the dune. I sit for a while at the edge of the dune, absorbing the majestic canvas around me. Then the sun began to scorch at my back, telling me to move on to my next destination, Uradome kaigan.



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