Eye-popping poppy





How long is too long for not visiting a friend? Apparently five months. At least that was what our good friend, Takayuki, thought of. After an awesome journey to Shirakawago last January with him we have not met yet, until the first day of this month. He called and invited us to come over to his house in the suburb of Omiya, Saitama Prefecture. As we used to do when we visit him, we stayed over and had a feast  (thanks to the prowess of Yo-chan in cooking!).

The next day I requested him to take us to a nearby flower park, Omiya Hana no Oka (Omiya Flower Hills), to enjoy the blooming poppy. We visited this park last year in autumn when cosmos was flowering en mass. This early summer the park seemed to be burning in red by the poppy and accentuated by the blue and white small flowers which I have forgotten the name. Enough talking, enjoy the pics!







5 thoughts on “Eye-popping poppy

  1. oh, what a beautiful place to rest and poppies are one of my favorite blooms. i believe those blue flowers are commonly called ‘Bachelor Buttons’, also a favorite. thank you for this post and for liking my poem ‘whole’, encouragement is always really appreciated. 🙂

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