A Country of Dream


I have been watching Japanese dramas lately, online. I have never done this before. Partly because I did not really have time for it or simply had something more interesting to do. Being left for one month by my husband created a hiatus for me after a day in the lab. A friend from different lab told me that she usually spent her spare time watching Japanese dramas and found it enjoyable. So, I gave it a try.

Started with a simple one about high school time  friendship and love. Then, a futuristic story of a relationship with a cyborg, followed by a story of an aspiring patissier and a robot boyfriend, an aspiring hair stylist, an aspiring chef, an aspiring doctor, and etc. Despite a prominent love story seasoned by comedy and tragedy, an important element in every drama is how the main characters striving for their dreams.

To dream is to envision the future, to empower oneself, and to be brave along the way to realize it. To dream is to communicate, to trust, and to love, gaining the supports one needs in the process. The future is precious, molded by what one chooses to do in the present. No matter how hard life is, there is always a way if you try hard enough, if you hang on a little bit more, if you keep the faith.

If the glory of Japan as a country has a seed, it must have been in the dream of its people.


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