Baby, heaven is blue..

As Japan is entering the much-loved holiday called Golden Week, people are bustling in and out of the country to spend quality time with family and friends. It is time to slow down the gear a bit. Not only true believers of hard-work, Japanese also worship foods and of course, flowers! A hill at Hitachinaka Seaside Park, Ibaraki Prefecture, is planted with around 4.5 million Nemophila menziesii or the baby blue-eyes. The result is a spectacular sea of blue flowers in spring. Combined with the blue sky, it’s out-of-the-worldly beautiful. I wonder why not so many foreign tourists come to this place, considering the park is only an hour or so from Tokyo by train.


Hundreds of people hiked up the hill down the zig-zag path. Since it’s Japan, of course everyone was hiking in order and constantly minding others around them, which made the hiking so pleasant. Baby blue-eyes

Of important note, I renewed my neglected friendship with my friend during our visit to this park. Needless to say, the overall mood evoked by the warm, bright day and the gentle blue of the flowers, was happy!Friends day out

The crowds were mostly the seniors, family with kids (or dogs), women, and couples. Love inspiring-place

While a significant number of other visitors belonged to the last group, photographers!Happiness is in the air!

The pilgrims of the blue hills


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