Loneliness and lost love in London

Her Majesty's Theater

He was ugly. He was lonely. He was a musical genius. Ashamed of his disfigured face, he disappeared in exile. Hiding in the darkness beneath a theater. When he chose to appear, he haunted the opera.

Inside the compact theatre.

One day, he saw her. She was a singing fairy in the center of the stage. Her beauty was ephemeral. His feeling for her was so strong, his music told her so . She called him ‘angel of the music’ that echoes in her mind. He became her teacher, her impossible lover. A lover his face she never saw. Curiosity won her over. She pulled his mask while he was asleep. She let out a scream on seeing his face!

In the end, nobody wants a weird and middle-aged loner for a lover. She left him for another man, a handsome young man. A guy from her childhood.

Let’s listen to the thrilling song, The Phantom of the Opera.

The Phantom of the Opera is the first musical performance that I have ever seen in my life. Coming to London, it is high on every traveler’s list to enjoy the opera in the West End. I want my first opera to be a memorable one so I decided to buy the best seat. After three hours of enjoying a stunning performance, I understand why The Phantom of the Opera is claimed as the most brilliant musical in history!

Yep, got tickets for four!

Stalls seat

Before the act..


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