A prayer answered

A night stroll worths the glamorous view of the tower clock.

A night stroll worthy the glamorous view of the clock tower.

I believe in dreams, in hopes, and in prayers. I believe that every spoken or silent wish is heard by God and the whole universe will conspire to lay a path for us to realize it. My life has been shaped by my very beliefs, dreams, and wishes. Sometimes they are proved to be wrong beliefs or bad wishes that I later regrets, but by lending another perspective they are part of the hammer and chisel forming my learning curve. I also believe that God is merciful, bestowing us mercy more than we deserve, that is why believing in our dreams means believing in God’s power to make them happen. Sooner or later.

Take an example last July, while having dinner together with the Matsuokas, Noriko-san shared her love for England where she stayed for two years and how she would like us to visit England together next year (this year). At that time her remark seemed not to be so serious but anyhow I said it was such a great idea since I have never been to Europe before. She wrote a book on her memorable life in London and gave one copy for me to read. Frankly, I could never go further than the second page for my kanji reading is poor. So, the idea of traveling to England was forgotten for a while, until two months ago. Some fortunate events took place, enabling the four of us to travel to England last week. When I said to Noriko-san that her last year’s wish has come true she told me that she has forgotten our conversation on that particular dinner. But, certainly, God never forgets 🙂



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