The Transporter — Foreigners-friendly Japanese granny

Japan is an aging country. Everywhere I turn I see the seniors; from janitors, truck drivers, to scientists, or artists. So, it is understandable that I befriend some of these remarkable senior citizens. I met them in an English club, Japanese language course, or on a train. One of them, a beautiful (still!) granny, has become very close with me and my husband. Friendliness seems to be a prominent trait of Japanese granny (obaa-chan). My obaa-chan friends are also identical in terms of generosity. They show a lot of sympathy and always be there when I need them. The way they treat me brings back the memory of my dear granny, the person who brought me up since I was very young.

I have lots of regret every time my memory of her resurfaces; in my daily prayers and in the sort moment before I fall asleep. I wish I could do more for her when she was sick, I wish I had been a better grandchild for her in so many aspects. I can only imagine her pains dealing with my juvenile delinquency. God forgive me!


4 thoughts on “The Transporter — Foreigners-friendly Japanese granny

  1. Yo, Gran-chans are awesome. I know exactly what you mean about them being super nice and reminding you of your own Grandmother. One particular Obaachan reminds me of my Granma a lot sometimes.

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