Escaping the winter: West Sumatran Hideaway

I used to love winter. But this year, on my fourth winter in Japan, I craved for a getaway. I went back to my country, to the warm (too warm, perhaps) embrace of my hometown in West Sumatra. I live in Padang, a coastal city posing as the capital of the province. Facing the coastline of West Sumatra scattered a number of islands. A few are established as tourist destinations, however, Cubadak island has the best facilities and services. So, that was my pick for two nights stay.

The weather was not perfect. Spells of rain interchanged with partly cloudy days and seasoned by the wind. Despite the weather, the charms of the island remained. Actually, the weather added a bit of drama to accentuate my holiday. Imagine, walking on a sandy beach while bathing on the morning sunlight and suddenly the wind blowed the rain, letting you run for a shade in your cottage (but the rain moved faster therefore soaked you up)… and found your loved one grinning at your misery. Very romantic wasn’t it?

Somehow I did my best to make the most out of my holiday by snorkeling when the weather was friendly and reading a book on human clones served as organ donors (OK, I admit that it may sound a bit out of place) by Kazuo Ishiguro (seemed like I could not detach myself from anything Japanese now, of all the books in the resort library I chose the one by a Japanese author living in England)…or just browsing a pictorial book on tropical fish commonly encountered while snorkeling and check my imaginary list if I thought that I had seen a species on my recent fish-peeping adventure.

All in all, I felt refreshed by my West Sumatran getaway.

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