Here comes the season again, SAKURA!

Can you see me?

Fully bloom despite hazy weather

This year the cherry blooms earlier than usual. I’ve been waiting for those whitish pinkish buds to reveal their charms since last week and voila! today most of the cherry trees in my campus were fully blooming. The weather was mild with a little breeze, but hazy, giving lack of contrast to the flowers. But..psst, yesterday I managed to sneak out from the lab to snap some pictures of sakura..just could not resist it since the sky was quite blue (which was a rare treat this week).


So, here’s the mix of yesterday’s snap and today’s cherry viewing during our lunch time. Simply lovely!

Cherry and RavenRaven and the ladyLunch time hanami


2 thoughts on “Here comes the season again, SAKURA!

  1. beautiful photos of a most beautiful bloom. we don’t get to see many cherry blossoms here in Chicago, mostly pear and crabapple trees grow well here and i can’t wait until they bloom.

    is that a bento box thtat people are lunching on?

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