The British Garden

I went to Miyazaki last week for a conference. The organizer handed me a sightseeing map from their sponsor, Miyazaki City Tourism Office. On the last day, I managed to visit The British Garden, about 30 minutes by bus from Miyazaki Station. Here are some pictures ofthe garden designed by Robbin Williams. Not the actor, he is a famous gardener from England. The garden has several themes. This is the view from the entrance with country theme.

Follow the cobble stone path and you will arrive at the other side, I forget what the theme is, but this is the view..

The low angle light of the autumn sun creates a very nice shadow.

I heard a sound of music from the house, a lady came out and waved to me. “Are you a foreigner?” she asked. She invited me to listen to her husband’s mini concert in the coffe-house.

After some music, I sat outside, enjoying the warm autumn, my thoughts wandered, just me, in the garden, in the middle of pine forest, somewhere in the corner of Asia.

Then, I decided to leave, for I have been refreshed by the garden. Another path on the other side of the house, the theme is meadow. A little lamb was looking for his mother.


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