Summer Nymphs

I had a busy week last week. I had to process loads of samples for my pilot study. I need to find something new in a field where there are so many players and experts and not much left to scrutinize by a new comer. Arsenic is indeed a famous poison, it is known as The King of Poisons and Poison of Kings. Among other environmental toxicants, arsenic (As) is only second by lead (Pb) in terms of amount of research done into their mechanism of action. I am facing a personal big challenge to find something novel in this field, preferably publishable, with time limits less than 2 years.

For five days in a row I was lack of sleep and Friday was my way out of the lab. But good luck was out my periphery. I was spinning twelve tubes of samples on Friday night when the fuse of the centrifuge suddenly blown out! The centrifuge could not be opened and my samples stuck inside for, at least, until next Tuesday. Monday is a national holiday and nobody will be around to fix the fuse for me (and to save my samples!).

But our mind can create heaven out hell and hell out of heaven, as I read somewhere. There is really nothing I can do this weekend to rescue my samples. I’d rather find my solace in taking some pictures of beautiful water lilies in Ashikaga Flower Park, 51 minutes by local train from home.


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