Rain and me

Since my childhood, I’ve always been fascinated by the rain. I still remember my favorite time in my hometown, a city known for its frequent rainfalls. When it rained, I would lock myself in my bedroom, sat by the window and stared at the drops of water hitting the ground. The pale green leaves of my grandmother’s ferns seemed to sparkle and the cobweb on the guava tree swayed a little. Our metal roof welcoming the water by echoing rhythmic monotonous sound than would soon drift my thoughts away where I would find solace. If I think about it now, the sight, the sound and the chill air that come along with rain became the panacea of my relatively love-deprived being. Though at that time I didn’t even know that I was in that state.

June is rainy season in Japan. I notice that rain in Japan is usually milder compare to tropical rain that I called it romantic rain. You don’t need an umbrella, you just need someone to walk with you to enjoy the rain. Well, of course there is always an exception when the rain is brought along by strong typhoon.

My dear friend Yo-chan told me that hydrangea or ajisai bloom in June and looks at its best in the rain. In my country, hydrangea is a relatively unappreciated flower species. So, it is interesting to see the ajisai excitement here in June where pale blue, whitish green, and magenta petals flock in a stem.


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