Showa Memorial Park

The first time I got to know about Showa Kinen Koen or Showa Memorial Park was last year. I went to a camera store with a mission to buy a camera that perfect for my budget and my needs at that time. I browsed around the Nikons, Canons, checked the sample pictures taken by each camera and there it went. I saw a picture of ginkgo trees in bright yellow lining a promenade. It was a typical autumn scene where the fallen leaves carpeted a wide path and a couple walked in the middle, a few benches between the trees. Dusk light penetrated the scene in a magical way. Shortly, I made a mental note that I’ve got to see this place and take some pictures out of it. I asked the shop attendant and he wrote down the address of the park for me: Showa Kinen Koen, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo.  But I did not make it last year since a friend offered me and my husband to visit Nikko in autumn. So, it’s got to be this year. Well, I know summer is still around, yet I paid a visit to the park this week and I was blessed with a perfect weather. The park is accessible for me from Shinjuku, where I took Chuo line to Tachikawa (took about 50 min), then changed to Ome line so I could drop off at Nishi Tachikawaguchi, the nearest gate.

It was truly the largest park in Tokyo area that occupied a land of Ueno Park and Yoyogi Park combined. The later two are more famous parks in Tokyo. While everything is mostly green, including the ginkgo avenue, I considered it as a survey-trip for the upcoming autumn.

All year round it offers different scenes, you can dig more information on the park at


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