Sunflower en masse

This week I was granted several days off from the lab and thought that it would be a perfect time to cross some items in my bucket list off. I have always wanted to see sunflower en masse and the most feasible place to visit for me is Meiji no mori a.k.a Meiji farm a.k.a Aoki Farm in Nasu-machi, Tochigi Prefecture. I took Utsunomiya line and got off at Kuroiso station. Meiji no mori is located about 7 km from the station. I wish I could take a bus to get there, but to wait for a two-hourly bus was just as much pain as paying 2,600 yen for the taxi. However, the taxi won.

The so-called farm is actually a previous villa of a Japanese diplomat in the beginning of twentieth century, Shuzo Aoki, adopting a German-style house. For those interested in a little tour in his villa, the ticket is 200 yen for adults. The villa is surrounded by small forest and  of course the sunflower garden as the main attraction in summer. When you enter the compound, Aoki Farm Restaurant will greet you first. The place seemed to mostly serves as a rest area for people driving back from Nasu highland.

Since I arrived at the peak of the sun, I had to endure the stinging heat to snap some pictures. But it was snap-worthy I guess. If there will ever be next time, I would come earlier to get better angle of the light.

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