Romantic rowing along Takachiho gorge

Previously I have posted some pictures of Takachiho gorge in Miyazaki, Japan, taken in late May, 2012. The gorge has lazy stream, emerald in color reflecting the greenery above it. Even though the stream is not too long, rowing a boat slowly with your significant other may really give a romantic feeling as you pass below a graceful waterfalls and the mist touches your face. At least that was what I felt. Perhaps many others too, since I saw many couples visited this place, young and old folks. If you cannot swim and afraid of losing your boat balance and fall off to the water, worry not my friend. Everyone shall be equipped with a life vest that instantly inflates when you drop into the water.

Other interesting thing I noted is the volcanic rock lining the gorge that adopted unique corrugated contour. Sometimes the contour turns quite horizontal resembling feathers of an open wing.

By the way, I come from a tropical country where all year the leaves are green. Therefore, it is quite understandably that I am fascinated so much by the changing of leaves colors in autumn. I thought that Takachiho must be really enchanting in autumn colors. To satisfy my curiosity, I played around with the colors of the image by using a popular software. Image


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