The End of Ramadhan 1433 H

Today is the last day of the holy month Ramadhan. Most of us will feel sad because we will be parted with Ramadhan and we are not sure whether we will have a chance again to experience Ramadhan in the next upcoming years. The sadness just double for me because I am all alone in this foreign country and celebrating Eid Fitr tomorrow alone will be the first time in my life. Eid Fitr is the biggest religious celebration in my home country. The meaning goes beyond religion, people gather with their family and mostly with their extended family to feast and to tie or mend their relationship. It is really an important moment in a whole year. Imagine, me, alone in foreign country, my husband has left me to visit his family. I would love to come back to Indonesia too, but alas, my experiments stand in the way.  Concerning my solo existence in a very important day in a year: Eid Fitr, tomorrow. Should I join the gathering in my embassy in Meguro, Tokyo, tomorrow despite not knowing anybody except three persons? Why not? It’s about brotherhood and sisterhood in Islam, after all. Well, Tokyo is only two hours away by train from my university. I will be fine, I may be alone but not lonely. Happy Eid Fitr everyone ^_^


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